Wednesday, June 06, 2012



Dear Maxwell,

Happy birthday, Schmoops! You have successfully completed four years of life and today we celebrate all the wonderful things that make you you.

Three was a big year for you. You started preschool, you gave your Nay-Nays (pacifiers) to the Nay-Nay Fairy. You finished potty training and learned how to write your name. You did this despite the biggest change of all – your Daddy and I got divorced.

When we moved, you had to get used to a new bedroom and a new bed, no small task for a three-year old. You had some scary nights in your new, big space but you did it! While Mom and Dad figured out our new life schedule, you rolled with the punches with more style and grace than most adults I know. You asked me questions with an honesty and thoughtfulness few people possess. From the moment I looked into your eyes, Maxwell, you won my heart. You continue to wow me with your playful spirit and questioning mind.

I love watching you play! It is so charming the way you run after the ball, jump in the air and land with two feet before bending to pick it up. I love how you sing the songs you have in your head and fill our house with your sweet music. I love how you tell me you have a surprise for me and then tackle me with your boy-hugs and sweet kisses. I love that you look up to your older brother and work so hard to hang with the big boys.

Best of all, I love your independent spirit. You don’t follow the crowd and aren’t afraid to venture off alone to discover something new. I learn so much from you, Max. You are my sweet baby, my smart son and the essence of my happiness.

Happy birthday, Max. Welcome to four!