Thursday, March 01, 2012

Letter to the Tooth Fairy

My eldest son lost his first tooth this weekend.  After weeks of encouraging Sam to “just yank it out!” the tooth came out on it’s own. 

I remember with horror my Dad offering to tie string around my tooth and connect it to various yanky things, or asking me to open my mouth while wielding a pair of long-nosed pliers.  I never thought I’d subject my kids to such atrocities, but I can’t help myself!  A loose tooth is like bubble wrap for adults.

Like me, Sam declined my offer to help and his tooth fell out while he was eating a cracker.  He managed to not swallow the tiny tooth and he and his dad placed it in his silver keepsake box engraved with “My first tooth.” 

Unlike most kids, Sam was denied the bloody gap in his gums because his adult tooth pushed through filling whatever space the baby tooth left behind.  I imagine Sam will allow all his teeth to fall out naturally, rendering him snaggle-toothed, but cute regardless.

Sams Tooth


At bedtime, Sam put his tooth under his pillow and left this letter for the Tooth Fairy:

Tooth Fairy Letter

Since Sam was at his dad’s this weekend, I missed the opportunity to play Tooth Fairy.  I was also spared the impossible task of fitting Kobe Bryant under Sam’s pillow.  Sexting Ballers?  The things kids ask for these days!


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