Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Day one

In preparation of my new eating habits, I bought the entire grocery store.

All the food

This is the rest that I hadn’t unpacked yet:

Rest of the food

As you can imagine I had to do a massive fridge clean out and employ some creative thinking to make all this stuff fit. 

I think putting all of this away counted as my exercise of the day, although I couldn’t find “unloading groceries” in my fitness app.

I woke up this morning and blended myself up a concoction of strawberries, peaches, apples, ground flax seed and spinach.  Looks delicious, don’t you think?

Day 1 Shake

Halfway through drinking my breakfast, my stomach started gurgling and rolling like angry river rapids.  I’m certain that Mount Vesuvius will erupt from my, ahem, body as the angry Spinach Gods wreak havoc on my intestines.