Friday, September 30, 2011

Time management and priorities

I finally decided after five weeks (FIVE WEEKS) that it was time to go see the doctor about my sinuses.  This whole kids-in-school thing has thrown me off my game because I usually only wait a good month before remembering to take care of myself.  What? I thought my nose was stuffy for 35 days because getting up at 6am is not humane, at least not for this girl.  I swear, were it not for Pledge Week on NPR coupled by my deepest wish for them to just shut the hell up already, I’ll give you money if I don’t have to listen to you ask for it anymore, Sam would have missed the entire week.  Don’t worry, Number 34, the responsible one, called out into my brain each morning that this time school actually counts.  Number 6 told 34 to fuck off and I dragged myself and ALL of my personalities out of bed.  My head pounded because it was still dark outside and my face hurt because, well, I didn’t know why.  It just did.

So five weeks later with a head full of snot thick enough to lay bricks, I headed to the doctor.  I couldn’t believe the diagnosis.  Wait for it…wait…I have a sinus infection!  Crazy, huh?  Whooda thunk?  I guess it’s not normal to have post nasal drip ALL THE DAMN TIME.   I am also three pounds heavier than the last time I weighed myself, (which was 12 pounds heavier than the last time I happily weighed myself) but it was totally because I was wearing jeans and shoes and earrings and I had not had my morning constitutional.  Hot.

But there is good news!  I got a prescription for some really strong antibiotics which will knock this infection right out and likely turn my girly bits into an Easy Bake Oven.  I got some steroids which will catapult my appetite into Do-I-Have-Any-Maternity-Pants-Around-Here-Land.  I also got some nasal spray that feels like I’m shooting liquid wasabi into my brain, it BURNS! BURNS! but then quickly subsides and leaves me with that watery-eyed buzz I get every time I eat sushi. 

In a pout, I shopped while I waited for my prescriptions and I filled my cart with yogurt.  I plan to OD on acidophilus to avoid the yeast party in my pants.  I also caved and bought a cinnamon broom that looks full and festive when there are 25 of them in a basket, but pretty stringy and pathetic on its own. 

photo (3)

By the time this broom loses its smell, I’ll be back to my old self and ready to ride it.


Clever Human said...

Yeah, pledge week sucks.