Friday, March 28, 2008

Sneak preview

We saw Maxwell today in 3D. Does that make him an I-Max? (rimshot!) For the first part of the ultrasound, he had his arms crossed over his face and his legs up in front of his arms. After some deft maneuvering and LOTS of prodding by the ultrasound tech, he moved and gave us a small glimpse of his adorable face. I absolutely can't wait to meet this little man. Makes 10 weeks seem like an eternity.

Enjoy the pictures of our sweet baby boy!


Long fingers!

Look at those cheeks!

Such a sweet face.

Gulping down some delicious amniotic fluid.

Rubbing his eye.


Shannon said...

I think I've already looked at these a million times - and I could just keep on looking.

- Proud Mama

Colleen said...

I can't wait to meet Max! These photos are amazing!

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful pics of sweet Max!! He already looks a bit like his handsome big brother! I can't wait to meet the little man!! Thanks for sharing the pics with us!
xoxo ~ Jen

Anonymous said...

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