Wednesday, February 27, 2008

For shame and laziness

Hi. Remember me? I'm the girl who constantly whines about people not reading my blog and leaving delicious comments and who doesn't post for, oh 4 months or so. I've been busy. My computer has been on the fritz and we've had a leaky roof. My son has recently learned how to speak 7 different languages and I've been trying to translate Swahili.

Ok, so none of this is true. Fact is, I've been lazy and too shamed to come back and write that I'm entering my third trimester when the last time I blogged my unborn baby was the size of a grain of rice and is now kicking me so hard I yelp out and run to the bathroom before I pee my pants. It is like when you haven't been to the gym in a month and you can't possibly show your face in there again because the front desk staff will tsk-tsk at you, so you just avoid and cower behind your gym bag.

Please don't tsk tsk me. Well, ok. If you must.

So! We are having a BOY! I'd love to share the glorious ultrasound pictures with you, but since my ultrasound in December, we've dismantled our old computer set up and our scanner is now ... where is the scanner anyway? Hm. In any case, there is no doubt of the boy-ness growing inside me. We have named our new son Maxwell Joseph and anxiously await his arrival in 99 days. We're down to double digits already! My c-section is tentatively planned for June 6th, 2008. Unless Max makes an early arrival, which based on my history with Sam won't happen (these might be my famous last words), we'll have him on that date.

We're still working on Max's nursery. It is taking so much longer because we had a room full of crap to dispose of/move to make room for the obscene amounts of baby stuff we have left over from Sam.

In nearly 4 years of marriage, Rob and I have reached our first brick wall. We have a home gym that I purchased for Rob 4 years ago which he hasn't used once. With the arrival of our new son, we have no room for this home gym and I have decided to get rid of it. Rob is dead-set against my decision and we've been playing argument tug-of-war for 6 months. Last weekend, he finally disassembled it and moved it from Max's room to another room, in pieces mind you, so it isn't usable where it is now. The fucking home gym is the Bain of my existence and if I could lift the damn thing I would have thrown it out with the trash months ago. That is if I didn't have that thing for my husband... what is it called? Oh yeah, respect for his feelings. Shit. I hate being a good person.

Sam is now sleeping in a big-boy bed. We purchased him a bedroom set with a full-size bed, which seems to swallow him whole. Seeing him sleep in it reminds me how little he still is, and how it seems like last week we were taking him home for the first time. He is nearly 2 1/2 now and will be a big brother in 99 days!

This post is as scattered as my brain is these days. My brain that just went blank and sent me off to think about dinner for tonight and organizing baby clothes and painting the nursery and...who are you? I think pregnancy sends women into a state of temporary (or not so temporary) ADD.

I'll try my best to post again before Max is born. I can't promise anything because the days are growing short before his arrival and we have so much to do!

Anyone want a home gym?


Anonymous said...

I love you Shan!You crack me up with your blogs!Happy to read this new one!I know how full your hands are and how scattered your brain can get!I feel like I'm still trying to gain that brain I had not so long ago...the one that remembered everything!Ugh!Sorry Rob...home gym is history! :-)Adios, Ang

Colleen said...

Glad you are blogging again! I would say we'd buy the home gym, but, we have a tread mill and a weight set sitting in the garage unused! I guess it happens to a lot of people. At least we had good intentions. :) - Cols