Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Checking in

Hey! Still here! Still pregnant! I'm 11 weeks today and all is well. I know I shouldn't have had such a long gap between my last post and now, but I've been immensely fatigued and sick beyond all that is decent and holy. The doctors tell me this is a good sign. I'm not sure I share the sentiment but am so thankful things are progressing nicely.

Will check in again soon with more news and excitement.

For what it's worth, my life is really not that exciting and it often takes me 5 weeks or so to have enough material to fill up one post. But please, keep stroking my ego and check back often! And leave some comments, damn it!


Anonymous said...

Alright damnit -- I am leaving a comment! Get writing missy! :)

And the sickness -- my guess is that this one is a girl!