Thursday, October 25, 2007

June 10, 2008

Hi. Today was a pretty cool day. I saw a friend for lunch and Sam and I ran a few errands. Oh yeah, and we saw a picture of our new baby for the very first time. We even heard the heartbeat. Yeah, it was pretty cool. This casual composure is totally fake because I'M SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!!

The newest member of the Sinanian family, Tiny Baby as Sam calls him/her, will arrive around June 10, 2008. We have just seven short months to go. There is so much to do and prepare for in that time. The main thing being that I need to wrap my brain around the fact that YES, I am indeed pregnant, and YES we're having another baby. Holy Shit, people. While I sit here in utter disbelief, feast your eyes on Tiny's first headshot. There are even little arms already! How beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

So... if it is a boy you're gonna call him Patrick.

And if it is a girl you're gonna call her Not-Patrick-But-If-You-Were-A-Boy-You'd-Be-Called-Patrick, which at first glance may seem like a mouthful for a little girl. But she'll get used to it.

jensta said...

CONGRATS!! SO exciting! And exciting that Sam is going to be a big brother! Awesome, awesome news! :) - jen