Monday, October 22, 2007

All grown up

Sam woke up from his nap today and spralled out on the carpet to take in a few minutes of "Go, Diego, Go!" while he relaxed. He was lying on the floor, arm perched under his head for a pillow, with his legs casually crossed and just chilled. As I walked past, I flashed to 12 years from now when he is a teenage boy, doing that exact same thing, watching car remodeling shows or MTV.

A bit later, I was straightening up the office when he came in holding a cheese stick.

Sam asked, "Mama, Sam have cheese please?"

"Did you get that out of the fridge by yourself?"

Sam replied, "Yes."

"Did you close the door?"

"Yes!" he said, with a tinge of "no duh, Mom!" to his voice.

I gladly opened the cheese stick wrapper for him and sighed because, like it or not, he is still growing up.


Anonymous said...

Now it starts. Prepare to have no food in your house for the next 16 years.