Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Well, crap.

Today feels like a tough day. Last Wednesday I learned that our first medicated cycle failed and I have a cyst to boot. I have to take birth control pills until the cyst goes away, not for fear of getting pregnant but to hasten the departure of the unwelcome guest on my right ovary.

I am in wait mode, which seems to be the hardest part about infertility treatments. And I feel like I'm always doing it.

There isn't much to say. I have a sad feeling in my heart and I really hope the next cycle, whenever that my be, works.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Sam is 22 months old!

Our little Sam is 22 months old. It still amazes me how fast the time has gone. Here is a brief synopsis of the wondrous and amazing toddler-like things he is doing now:

He reads books to me and Rob, filling in blanks as we go. He knows almost all of Goodnight Moon and Snuggle Puppy, just to name a few.

He is doing rather well with identifying his colors, which we practice at every chance. He loves to color with his markers - taking the caps on and off and being sure to "snap" the caps on fully. He is so thorough.

He calls his Grandparents by their first names - this being my in-laws, whom I refer to by their first names, but always as Grandma and Grandpa to Sam. I'm not quite sure they like it as it seems a bit impersonal, but it is adorable when he sees Grandpa and exclaims with an air of surprise, "Bob!"

He sings Row, Row, Row your boat, Happy Birthday and another lullaby I sing to him that I don't know the name of but one that my mom sang to me as a kid.

He swims like a fish, sans floaties, and jumps off the side of the pool.

He says "Please" and "Thank you" with alarming regularity.

He asks to use the potty constantly, even though he has never actually "used the potty."

He knows the names of my friends and their kids and asks about them regularly. It is so sweet.

When asked, "Sam, where do we put our money?" he replies "In the bank!"

When I buckle him in his car seat, he reminds me that he buckles up "for safety."

He continues to amaze us in so many ways and he gets more and more cute every day. :)

Deja vu

I just finished my first cycle of injectable medications and we had our IUI on Saturday morning. There isn't really a whole lot to say right now. I have to wait two long and arduous weeks before I find out if this whole gig worked.

Until then, we wait!!

(crossing fingers, rubbing lucky rabbit's foot, praying, throwing gobs of change into wishing wells, hugging Sam a little tighter for good luck and generally obsessing.)