Saturday, July 07, 2007

Step 2 of 1,000,000

The surgery was a success. My fallopian tubes are clear and I didn't have any endometriosis on my ovaries. The doctor found some new endometriosis other various places and removed it with a laser. He removed the fluid that prevents me from getting pregnant and also removed a ton of adhesions that had formed from my c-section scar. I had thick stalks of scar tissue pulling on my bladder and uterus. I'm glad to have that removed so peeing won't be such an issue like it was before. Rob and I watched the video of the surgery, complete with narration by Dr. Loy which was interesting and nauseating all at the same time. I have still pictures as well and considered posting some here, but thought better of it. We go on Monday for our post-op appointment and to discuss our options.

At the pre-op appointment, Rob and I asked several questions regarding my hormone levels. I asked if my prognosis is grim and I was told, "No, it isn't grim." The doctor told us we could try on our own after the surgery but wouldn't suggest trying for more than a month before coming in and starting injectable medications. They are expensive - about $1000 a month and we're not sure if I'll respond well, but we're going to try.

I'm anxious to talk to Dr. Loy about the results of my surgery while I'm not under the influence of anesthesia. I don't remember talking to him at all, and Rob's memory was a bit sketchy because he was given so much information. I had seriously thought of bringing a tape recorder to the hospital to record the post-op conversation, but I thought that might be over doing it a little.

So, step 2 is complete. I made it through and we got good news. Whew.