Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A not-so-perfect 10

Tonight Sam was playing with his blocks. He was taking them out of the box, one by one and stacking them on the tile. As he reached for each block, he counted.

Sam counted to TEN!!

I'm still standing here beside myself in amazement. Rob and I were so shocked that Sam counted for the next five minutes before we thought of recording it on our video camera.

10. That is a big number. OK, so he missed 4 and 7 a few times, but he made up for it by repeating 6 and 8 at least three times! I helped him along when he seemed stuck, but by-and-by he counted to 10 all by himself!

Wow. He is counting to ten and I'm still counting the ways in which I love him.


Anonymous said...

But he can't count to Patrick!