Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bird is the word. And car, and banana...

Sam has really taken off with the speaking recently. Rob and I compiled a mental list of all of the words he has said and I thought I better document it now before the list becomes too long and I use up all the space on the Internet chronicling my sons vast vocabulary.

Sam's current word list:
  1. Hello
  2. bye bye
  3. car
  4. cat
  5. dog
  6. banana
  7. bath
  8. night night
  9. bird
  10. ball
  11. bubbles
  12. eat
  13. sit
  14. chair
  15. shoes
  16. socks
  17. water
  18. milk
  19. go
  20. more
  21. help
  22. hat
  23. fish
  24. out
  25. down
  26. up
  27. Mama
  28. Dada
  29. Emma
  30. Nana
  31. book
  32. TV
  33. fan
  34. call (which really means "phone")
  35. gone
  36. hot
  37. cold
  38. nay nay (his name for his pacifier)
  39. no
  40. yeah (he says it Rain Man style)
  41. rock
  42. cheese
  43. please (he signs this one like a champ)
  44. uv you (I love you)
  45. ocker (locker)

These are the words I can think of at the moment. If I think of more later, I'll be sure to edit this post. I know you won't sleep tonight unless you know ALL of the words Sam can say. ;)


Anonymous said...

Man! Such a vocab that little man has! Very, very cute!