Tuesday, November 21, 2006


We're going to enclose our back porch with a dome enclosure. We've been planning on doing this since we bought our house back in 2003. We actually got some estimates in 2004 but MY GOD was it expensive and we thought we'd wait until Central Florida experienced a record number of home-damaging hurricanes and the price of screen enclosures doubled before we made our move.

We're. Stupid.

Oh yeah. And living on one income.

Sam is a full-fledged walking toddler, so we need some sort device to keep baby away from the lake. I'm sure the fancy people would frown upon us setting up a baby gate around the patio. But then again, we are the neighborhood rednecks. I mean, c'mon. We actually clean our own house and don't have a doggie-poop-picker-uper service. Rob just runs that shit over with the lawnmower.

But since we live in this fancy neighborhood where people don't mow their own lawns (we do!) or drive 8-year old Chevys, (we do!) we have to follow all the rules of the fancy people who for some reason have something against flat-roofed screen rooms. We haave to haave a dommme encloooosure (spoken in my snootiest British accent.)

We've had three companies come to give us estimates today. It is so hard to pick which one is the best. Two of the guys showed up at the same time. I was hoping they'd fight over our business and get into this great bid war while the big guy in the Chicago Bears hoodie held the small guy in the navy blazer in a full nelson. Yeah, well THAT didn't happen. Pfft. Whatever.