Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Zoo on One

For Sam's first birthday, we took him to the Central Florida Zoo. To our surprise and delight, Sam had a ball. He pointed to his heart's content and "hoo-ed" at the birds and monkeys. Rob and I had fun as well and I learned tons of new things about the animals there, none of which I can remember now. We set our peepers on tigers, emus, elephants, llamas, snakes, birds and monkeys to name a few. Somehow Rob convinced me to enter the Insect Building where I came face to face with many of the unfortunate and disgusting creatures featured on Fear Factor. Apparently, fear is a factor for me because I was getting the creeps just looking at the Giant Screeching Cockroachs.

Sam's first outing rocked. Stay tuned for more Birthday Boy pictures!