Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Run like the wind to be free again

I joined a running team which is facilitated and coached through Track Shack. We meet two nights a week for ten weeks. The program is designed to enable beginner runners/walkers to run up to 5 miles. The coach ensures us that by the end of the 10-week program, we should be able to run 3-4 miles comfortably. My personal goal is to run 3 miles without stopping; comfortably would be nice. I also have 15 stubborn pounds to lose to get to my happy weight. I'm not sure if the pounds are stubborn, per se as much as I am lazy. In any case, I paid for and joined this team of 30+ people. Yes, I know it is sad when I have to pay for my motivation, but hey, whatever works.

We met on Monday night for the first time and ran around the track 7 times. I was impressed with myself in that I could make it around the track without stopping to walk. I kept up pretty well, despite the fact my heart rate was above 195 the majority of the run. I think I topped out at 215, and amazingly didn't topple over from heart failure. I felt like my lungs were on fire too, but hopefully that'll dissipate in the coming weeks. Tonight we're meeting at a local office park to run around the parking lot. I kid you not, we're going to run a .6 mile course that is set up in an office building parking lot. Tonight we're working on endurance. Yeah, .6 miles is a long run for me.

I'm still sore from Monday's run. My quads and back are sore. I told my mom and she told me that pain is just weakness leaving the body. Then she said, "Drop and give me 20, you Maggot!"

Patrick downloaded a slew of military cadences for us to run to. They are awesome as the leader has a jazzy voice with a lot of soul. As for me, I need to run to love ballads until I can up my pace a bit. Give me some Luther or Babs. Wait. I want to jog, not puke.


Anonymous said...

You are doing wonderfully girlfriend!! I am so happy that you asked me to do this with you! We are both going to become stronger runners and next year at this time, we'll be doing that half marathon that we talked about this evening! "You can do it! You can do it all night loooooooong!"

Fit Moms Rule! Hugs! - Jen

Anonymous said...

I am the slacker who didn't join this! Looking forward to reading more blogs on this. Next time around, I'll participate. :)

- Col

Shannon said...

It is not too late to join, Col! Jen was asking about you last night and we'd love to have you!! Don't be a slacker!! :)