Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hair. Cut.

I did it. I finally broke down and cut Sam's hair. He has had quite a headfull for the last several months, which started to vaguely resemble a mullett or worse yet, Nick Nolte's mug shot.

This was an emotional moment for me. Who me? Emotional? Pfft. Seriously.

See, in my mind, there is something different about cutting a baby boy's hair than cutting the hair of a little girl. A girl can get a hair-do or bangs or a trim and she is still a baby girl. But once you cut the curls of your baby boy, he no longer looks like a baby. He looks like a BOY. All grown up and stuff. Plus, this was the hair he was born with and in it's original, untouched form. Who cares if his hair was in his eyes. Big deal if I could have easily given him a pony tail, or better yet a rat tail. So yeah, this was big.

Sam grabbed his hair with a look of desperation and willed me not to make him look like Jim Carey from Dumb and Dumber. With butterflies in my stomach and not a clue what I was doing, I wet Sam's hair and took a few before pictures for the ol' scrapbook.

During the whole event, he sat relatively still and I cut relatively straight. It was all pretty anti-climatic when it was all said and done, but Rob and I swear he looks older. The good news is, he is still my baby boy. Come to think of it, he always will be.


Anonymous said...

What a handsome guy! I'm sure he's glad you're not giving him a mullet!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh my!! Cuteness!! He looks like such a big boy now!! What a sweetie! - Jen