Saturday, September 23, 2006

Because you really wanted to know this

Sam has had the runs for the past 3 days. He doesn't have a fever and seems fine except for the raging diaper rash that has resulted from the acidic feces smooshed up against his delicate skin. He cries and screams his pitiful objection whenever we change him. In fact, changing him has become a 2-person job at this point too; one to do the dirty work and one to hold his shaking hands and to try to calm him. He hasn't been eating much (well, much for Sam) for the past few days either. I thought he might be teething, so last night, I lifted his top lip to check for signs of his top teeth and WOW! His gums are so incredibly swollen and he is not just getting two teeth, but FOUR! The poor baby. Teething is like a slap in the face and a kick in the ass. Hopefully the teeth will break through soon and give our little man some relief. In the mean time, we'll let him crawl around naked as much as possible to air out that little bum and to make his Mama sigh and tear up at his amazingness.


Anonymous said...

You should post pictures of his teef.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl -- Try using Aquaphor on his bummy. When the baby had a diaper rash in the first early weeks, the doc had us use this and it worked like a charm. None of the regular diaper creams would clear it up but this did the trick. The doc said to put that over the Desitin which we did but it wasn't clearing it up too quickly that way. We then switched to just putting that on alone and it was gone the next day. My sister-in-law swears by this stuff as well! - jen

Shannon said...

Thanks for the bum advice. We'll give it a try.