Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Signs, signs, everywhere there's signs

If my life was choreographed to music, last night at dinner I would have heard Tesla singing.

It was leftover night in the Sinanian household. Sam had finished his normal two jars of baby food and a few handfuls of "O's" before we rolled him up to the edge of the dinner table to watch Rob and I eat. We've been including him at the dinner table since he was able eat solids. We quite enjoy having Sam at the dinner table since conversation is usually lacking as I have nothing of import to tell my husband unless you count the infrequency of our son's bowel movements or how my roots are out of control. And since Rob doesn't like to discuss work at home, Sam is our only source of entertainment.

Sam has been showing increasing interest in the foods Rob and I eat so we're eager to have him try new things. Last night was his first taste of spaghetti sauce. He took his first bite and with childlike exuberance, he kicked his legs and flapped his arms in delight. His eyes were wide and he was grunting like the little Neanderthal he is (yes, I've read Happiest Toddler on the Block.) As it turns out, Rob and I have been using baby sign language with Sam since, well, birth. Being the over-achiever that I am, I started a tad early and have been eagerly awaiting a response. I asked Sam if he wanted "more" and I used the sign. He replied by signing back to me and saying "maaa!" I tried to keep my cool and not over react with excitement, but let me tell you, I fed that baby spaghetti sauce for the next 30 minutes, each time rewarding his sign with a little nugget of tomatoey-meat. The whole scene was vaguely reminiscent of training Emma to shake. I said to Rob in amazement, "He's communicating with us!"

He finished the plate of spaghetti and Tesla faded out in the background.


Anonymous said...

That's amazing that Sam signed back to you! You’re spaghetti sauce must have been amazing! :)