Wednesday, February 02, 2005

It's official

I got the blood test results back today from the doctor's office and it's official! I'm definitely pregnant! I will go get blood drawn again tomorrow to make sure my HCG levels are increasing correctly. They like to see an increase of at least 66% in 48 hours. I have no doubt that my levels will be fine.

My unofficial due date is October 6, 2005. I am going to get my October baby! I will go for my 7-week ultrasound in a little over two weeks and Dr. Loy will be able to give me a better estimation of when the baby will be here. We should be able to see the heartbeat too.

Last weekend, when Rob and I found out, we went to Lee's Lakeside for a celebratory dinner. We both ordered soda for dinner and giggled like teenagers as we toasted with our Coke and Sprite. We went to the book store on Saturday and I purchased two books on pregnancy, one of which is a journal type book to track my feelings, cravings, measurements and other stuff. It tells me day-by-day what is going on with the baby and with me. It is very detailed oriented, which I love.

I've been feeling some symptoms. I am pretty tired in the afternoons and my boobs are big and sore. My sense of smell has been heightened, but not the the point of nausea. I'm hoping I don't get morning sickness. My mom said she didn't have it too bad, so I'm hoping I don't either.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention my emotional state? Yes, I'm a crying wreck. They are happy tears, which is good. They come at a moment's notice and for simple things like walking down the baby aisle at Publix. I think Rob thinks it's cute. Hopefully he holds that sentiment as my pregnancy progresses.

Last night I had a sharp pain near my belly button. It didn't go away all night and it kept me from sleeping. I lost it around 2am and started crying uncontrollably. It was after I had gone online to find out possible causes for this mysterious pain. I read all about ectopic pregnancies and I have since officially decided NOT to research stuff like that. I'm going to keep a positive outlook for my pregnancy. I am healthy and my baby will be healthy too. Anyway, I called the doctor this morning and we suspect it is just ligament pain from my growing uterus. I also have lots of scar tissue around my belly button from my 3 surgeries, so I wouldn't be surprised if that is being stretched and causing pain.

I can't begin to describe the feeling I have. I feel like a walking miracle. The process to grow a baby is certainly nothing short of a miracle. I want to bask in each moment and be amazed at the wonderment of a life inside me. I feel so blessed that Rob and I were able to conceive naturally. The thought that I have his baby inside me is so emotionally overwhelming. I love him beyond words. This is truly a miracle.


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