Wednesday, September 01, 2004

My first entry

Well, I've gotten off to a great start in my blog with a super creative title! I've been meaning to start this thing for some time now. I think I've missed out on imortalizing some deep thoughts.

I think this Blog is going to be the best forum for me to bitch. I'm not sure I'll even let anyone read it because they might get the impression that all I do is bitch. Or that I am one, even. Not that that would matter too much, but I fear that if I share this, I will censor my thoughts. I really just want to have a one-way bitch session. I mean, isn't that what BLOG means? Bitch and Let it Out, Girl.

So, I'm trying to get pregnant. My husband and I are going through ART, Assisted Reproductive Technology. I was artificially inseminated on August 27, 2004. I have one week before I can take a pregnancy test and I'm officially obsessed. It really is a sickness. I seem to have lost interest in things that I used to enjoy. You know, like hanging out with girl friends and such. It even seems as if I've lost girlfriends. I feel reclusive and alone with my obsession and I quite like it that way. On occasion, I've made an attempt to contact said girlfriends, but it seems that we have little in common anymore. I am just not interested in the guy of the week, or where Sally went on a date. Selfish, really. Can't they just talk about me? ;)

I think mostly, that I feel guilty. I feel like I'm no fun anymore. I can't drink, and I'm not much in the mood for crazy nights out and partying. Wow. I just had a huge dejavue. Amazing. It was really strange. I just re-read the first sentence in this paragraph, and BAM! There it was. I've been here before. Good, I'm on the right path then.

Ok, it doesn't seem like I'm going to get any more interesting in this post. I think this is the official end to my very first entry.